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Retain: Maximise staff strengths

Venture Taranaki Employer Toolkit

Source: Venture Taranaki

A regional approach to attracting and retaining staff, including how to “sell” your particular job and region.

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The benefits of promoting from within the company

Source: Nevada Small Business

Eight reasons you should consider employing from within the ranks of your engineering company.

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Building a team

Source: Xero

Tips and advice on building a productive and cohesive team – from the importance of explaining your business vision, to ideas for affordable,...

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How to motivate your staff

Source: Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)

Motivated staff are more likely to work well for your business. Find out the different motivators for keeping your staff happy and...

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Mentoring the next generation of engineers

Source: BECA

Concise article highlighting the key role that mentoring, succession planning, on-going training and professional development all have in...

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Engineering NZ - Course and Events

Source: Engineering NZ

Support your engineering staff in ongoing learning. Valued employees are more likely to be motivated to work hard and achieve better results...

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Supporting staff onto an engineering pathway

Source: Engineering e2e

Learn about one engineering employee’s experience of studying and upskilling while working.

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Training, development and coaching

Source: Employment New Zealand

Learn how a mix of training, development and coaching can boost employee performance.

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Improving your employees’ literacy, numeracy and communication skills

Source: Skills Highway

A guide to achieving better business performance by improving employees' numeracy, literacy, communications skills. Includes information on a...

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Government help with training

Source: Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)

Find out what government support is available for upskilling your engineering workforce and developing your business.

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Electricity Engineers' Association

Source: Electricity Engineers' Association

Receiving an award can motivate your engineering employees to continue to do their best in their job, and for their firm. The Electrical...

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